Gift Wrapping

All items will still come individually wrapped in tissue paper unless requested otherwise. Orders will then be sent in our special Scrunchleighs gift-wrapped boxes.

When purchasing multiple items and where only 1 gift box has been purchased, it will be presumed that all items are to be sent together. If this is not the case and you require only 1 or select items to be sent in the gift box, please specify what product(s) from your order by leaving a note on the order.

As normal, where we deem necessary to help avoid any confusion, for any items that are not to be gift wrapped together, we will discretely number each item to correspond with the dispatch note to help you distinguish which item is which. This is to help you not spoil the tissue paper wrapping. Multiple boxes may still be sent for larger orders. We will notify you of this.

Please add any special requests or instructions as a note on your order. Orders can be sent direct to the customer's billing address or to the recipient themselves. Please ensure you specify which at checkout, as this cannot be amended after the order has been placed. Please note orders can only be sent to 1 address. If you intend on gifting multiple items direct to different recipients, we recommend you instead place multiple orders to help avoid any confusion. For any further questions, please contact us.