How do we source our fabrics?

Fabric offcuts

We try to utilise as many offcuts of fabric as possible in order to help reduce fabric waste. This is either purchased in bundles from various channels and outlets or donated by local sewers or establishments within the industry. We also offer a donation scheme whereby shoppers can donate any unwanted fabric or clothing in return for exclusive discounts.

Unwanted clothing

We encourage as many people as possible to donate any clothing that is no longer wanted, where it would then potentially be repurposed as a Scrunchleighs accessory! Any fabric or clothing not used is then responsibly disposed of or re-donated to a local charity. Are you having a big clear out?

Charity shops

We love to shop the high streets and see what goodies we can find and potentially repurpose into something fashionable! Often there is a taboo with charity shopping, but we rummage the rails and purchase garments such like tops, dresses, bedding, even curtains! We will always detail what each Scrunchleighs hair or fashion accessory originated from.